Graduated sites have (or can get) . It’s a way to promote related SE sites, Area51 proposals or really anything of interest to the local community (e.g. events, software, websites). They’re proposed on meta and usually need 6 up votes to become live in the sidebar.

It has already been asked whether we wanted the feature. I’m asking whether and how we want to promote German Language SE on other sites using community promotion ads, e.g. on

or, still in public beta without community promos:

I expect No answers to explain their reasoning, but Yes answers to propose an actual poster or at least provide some ideas for one.

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    Beer, Wine & Spirits - darüber musste ich lachen. Abgesehen davon, es sollte erwähnt werden, dass die Promotion dann von den aktiven Benutzern in die Rotation gewählt werden muss (Score: 6 [bei den meisten]). Bei den Sprachen denke ich ist das nicht so das Problem, bei anderen wohl eher doch. Apr 25, 2016 at 9:37
  • I went through a bunch of Stack Exchange meta sites to collect ideas for site promotion; see Additional site promotion ideas on Language Learning Meta.
    – Tsundoku
    Oct 3, 2016 at 15:22

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In my opinion, the German language (and the country) makes mainly positive associations (high-tech, high level industry, science, etc) in the world and advertising the site SE-wide will have a positive effect to the whole network.

Most of the sites have some support of community ads, i.e. they allow the community to decide, which banners they want to show on the site and in which proportion. We can easily initiate this by suggesting this ads on the meta sites, on them we have our other stackexchange accounts. It is going by simply posting the logo in the meta site, and then the community will decide by voting, if they want to help the site with ads or not.

The communities on most metas tend to vote more positive to our initiations, if

  • we have a high reputation on that site,
  • or, we are popular on them (what also tends to correlate with our reputation).

Examples: MathSE, Worlbuilding, Japanese SE.

But: To do that, we should provide a German SE logo!

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