The Help Center for German Language Stack Exchange includes a section that can be edited by moderators:

Help Center

This means that the community can decide to write a suitable text and then the moderators can edit it into that space. Up to now, this section is empty. Therefore, I am asking for suggestions on how this section should be used.

By way of comparison, the help center of Buddhism Stack Exchange includes a section with “useful resources”.

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If nobody else has a suggestion, I suggest to link selected meta-questions tagged , grouped into some categories:

In addition to the general help on using Stack Exchange provided below, please consider the following articles specific to this site:

Contributing / Mitwirken

Which questions are a good fit this site? / Welche Fragen können hier gestellt werden?

I left out some questions that I do not expect people to look for in the help centre or that mostly reflect existing help-centre articles.

Note that I also added help/on-topic, the only custom site from the help centre.

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