There have been some requests for transcripts recently. I assume they are off topic, by the same token as spell checking individual translations. But I want to be sure, before exercising any moderation duties.

And if so, should we update our FAQs?

My question is prompted by this post: Long Transcript Request

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In these cases the general interest on both, the question, and the answer is low. It is unlikely that any such long or very long transcripts will help future visitors. I believe it is proofreading of an individual text, which we said was off topic.

The existing custom close reason can also be use for these transcription requests.

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I'm not sure the "proofreading of individual text" is a proper close reason here - The movie scene referred to is in Berlin Dialect and very hard to understand for any non-native, a dictionary will definitely not help much here. Also, the referred question shows quite a bit of own research effort, the dialogue is already halfway translated.

I do agree, however, that general interest on both question and answer would be low, but that is true or at least disputable for a lot of questions here.

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    If we allowed transcripts for proof-reading we should make very clear where they are different to translations, or to essays presented to us for proof-reading. We should also be clear to what maximum length we will accept them. It feel that a short transcript of a single or only few sentences may be better accepted. – Takkat Sep 5 '16 at 17:47

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