Lately I found in the main site emoticons. Inside questions, comments and answers, those colorful signs tend to catch attention in the very same way that capitalization does (visual analogue to be yelled at).

In case that I'm not the only one with that feeling, is there a way to discourage their use here, just as to respect the eyes of the users here?


While I appreciate your view and would not use emoticons myself, this SE meta discussion and its linked duplicate especially considering the votes seems to indicate an endorsement in the community.

  • Those arguments are for emojis in design sites. Since this is a language site, I think the pro-emoji answers given there don't apply here (I don't care about comments, but in posts? That's a headache). Also nobody wants to forbid the technical implementation of emojis. One could discourage their use in the same way that THIS TEXT STYLE is not salonfähig here.
    – c.p.
    Apr 16 '21 at 9:13
  • Would it be appreciated to edit them out (in case they are offtopic in the question) and just hint the author in a comment? May 13 '21 at 18:56
  • @ShegitBrahm: Given the apparent lack of further opinions on this issue, I see no real convincing reason to do so; the claimed "improvement" is mostly subjective. Perhaps a comment just to express your disapproval (or suggesting a word-based phrase) might trigger consideration if it receives some upticks.
    – guidot Mod
    May 13 '21 at 20:26

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