There is the (now closed) question on Christmas greetings. While I can see to close it as a translation request, it can also be argued that it has merrit as cultural expectations differ and play a role for these things. As such translation are more than just a 1:1 translation of a text.

That aside, and be it as it is, I don't quite get why additionally my answer to this question gets deleted with reasons of being spam or rude. Sure, you may disagree with what I wrote and consider it unhelpful - fine, downvote. But spam? Or rude? What guidelines did I miss or cross?

Christmas greetings in German for business contacts

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You wrote:

[Your text is] bordering to satire with the last bullshit-bingo winning business-speak sentence

which I consider to be violating the code of conduct, in particular: “No subtle put-downs or unfriendly language.” (And yes, I know what bullshit bingo is.)

Your answer was flagged as rude or abusive, presumably because of this. I concurred with this, which caused a deletion as rude or abusive (due to my moderator powers; otherwise more flags would have been required).

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