I just searched for in trockenen Tüchern, which yielded no results. The first suggestions were:

  • Place your search terms in quotes to search for a phrase:
    "in trockenen Tchern"

  • Search within a specific set of tags:
    [tag] in trockenen tüchern
    [tag] [another-tag] in trockenen tüchern

The ü in the search text has been preserved in the “tag search” suggestion but not in the “phrase” suggestion.

  • @Oded: The issue seems to be moot now anyway, since there are no longer any suggestions presented when a search yields no results. Aug 10, 2013 at 12:12

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The tag engine has been completely replaced a while ago.

When searching for in trockenen Tüchern on Meta, this question is returned.

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