In this answer the author used the following syntax to link to external pages:

Most commonly are the rules from [Duden][1] or from ["Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung"][2]  quoted.

  [1]: http://www.duden.de/sprachwissen/rechtschreibregeln
  [2]: http://rechtschreibrat.ids-mannheim.de/download/regeln2006.pdf

The links are displayed as HTML/URL instead of being clickable.

Most commonly are the rules from http://www.duden.de/sprachwissen/rechtschreibregeln">Duden or from http://rechtschreibrat.ids-mannheim.de/download/regeln2006.pdf">"Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung"  quoted.

However, when editing this answer, it's correctly displayed in the preview.


See Markdown links and images are producing incorrect HTML on Meta Stack Overflow. This bug was fixed; I have made a no-op edit to the answer to force re-rendering it correctly.

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