When asking, editing or answering I often do not know how to format my text to look better.

Where do I find an overview on formatting tools availabe?


Whenever we ask a question or edit a question we will have a panel with most frequently needed formatting tools. Hover over any tool to get a small help box displayed:

enter image description here

Click on one of the Entries from "Links Images Styling ... etc." to get more help on how to use these formats. Click on "advanced help" for more information.

In addition there is a box on the right side of the screen:

When asking:

enter image description here and enter image description here

The "How to Ask" box will be replaced by the "How To Format" box as soon as we start typing our question.

When editing:

enter image description here

There you find a link to the corresponding help page on "formatting help". This will lead to the following page:

For finer edits using HTML and Markdown tags see the following post on meta.stackoverflow:

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