When I was tagging one of my posts about case in time expressions I realized that when you try to tag a post with case, you have to choose between grammatical-case and just case. The former has 35 questions this year and the latter only 2. Is there a difference between the two I'm missing or is it just a duplicate?


Good you brought that up. Both tags are already synonymized to being the "master" tag of its synonym .

This also is why you had the choice for whenever you tag a question with .

I merged these tags now so that will be replaced by from all questions.

  • How about "grammatical case" and "use case"("can I use this expression in the following scenario?") I know use-case is a term from software-dev, but it would help eliminating ambiguity.
    – Mark
    Jan 10 '14 at 6:47

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