So, I hit a rep threshold and now apparently have access to moderator tools, whatever that means.

In the page https://german.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools I see a paragraph like this:


This privilege also grants you access to the following lists:

Posts with extreme votes
Posts with the most comments/views/edits
Recently protected questions
Recently closed/reopened questions
Recently migrated questions [...]

There are no links to these lists, though. Question: Where/how do I access these "lists"? How am I expected to find these URLs? Is there a link to a manual or user guide that I have missed?

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You will have access to these tools from the review button in the SE top panel. This is set to reviews by default but you can change this view to the tools view:

enter image description here

This will then give you a selection of various tools:

enter image description here

For usage of any of these tools ask here, in chat, or search for a topic on Meta Stackoverflow which is valid here too.

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