German is a language that has peculiar grammatical structures. One of them is the trennbare verben, when I first learned it seemed so strange to me I couldn´t believe it was grammatically correct. I would like to know if anyone knows another language that has this type of structure.

Is it Ok to ask such a question in German Stack Exchange? Or is there another Stack Exchange site where this question is more well fitted?

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As per our FAQ we love to see and discuss questions on the German language. This also includes questions on the history and etymology but they all need to be related to German to be on topic here.

In case you would like to ask a question on a more general scope including questions on grammar structure in languages other than German you may get better answers of people at our fellow beta site on linguisitcs.

If however your question is indeed mainly related to German (which may on occasion also include other Germanic languages) we'd be happy to see you question here.

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