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How to type diacritics? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Wie schreibt man Umlaute und scharfes S auf nichtdeutschen Tastaturen? What do you use to type diacritics, special German characters using English keyboard? Any hints, tips or ...
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May I ask questions in German? [duplicate]

As I read in the Tour, this site is not only dedicated to translation from or into German, but also to discussing the finer points of the language. Is it okay if German native speakers asks ...
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Which language should tags be in?

While questions could vary in language, the tags have to be in one language for obvious reasons. Tag synonyms would work fine, but we'd have to decide whether German tags should point to English tags ...
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What language should be preferred for questions?

This is a follow-up to What language should the questions be written in? While the main site should accept both German and English questions, and you should be able to ask in the language you are ...
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In what language should we answer if the question is translated?

This is related to What language should the questions be written in? Should we translate posts as a "community norm"? If a question is asked in two languages (most of the time German and ...
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What language is preferrable for answers to questions written in German?

In the comments on this answer, the question arose whether it is a good idea to answer in English to questions written in German. Though there are some related questions here, this question has not ...
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Interface localization to German

Very related to Which language should tags be in? and What language should the questions be written in?, but I mostly want to address the Stack team and probe for possibilities: Should/can the ...
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In which language should a question title be?

Incredible as it may seem, this has not been discussed yet. This very old question deals with whether the title should be translated in the question’s body. This one and its follow-up only deal with ...
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I answered an English question in German, what should I do?

My answer got upvoted and was even accepted, so I'd leave things as they are. Still, I wanted to hear what the community says. Should I add an English version or maybe rewrite it?
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Is asking in English actually encouraged? A criterion

I guess for the majority of non-native German speakers it's easier to ask in English. However I see some people – whose mother tongue is German presumably – asking in English. Is asking in English ...
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Questions and their translations / Fragen und ihre Übersetzungen

I've just asked my first question on "German Language and Usage". While I was doing so I asked myself What language should the questions be written in? In result of beginning to ask this question ...
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Suggestions for the editable section of the help center

The Help Center for German Language Stack Exchange includes a section that can be edited by moderators: This means that the community can decide to write a suitable text and then the moderators can ...
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