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Sind Fragen zur Wortbedeutung on-topic?

Mich würde die Bedeutung des Wortes "knietschig" interessieren, dabei interessiert mich: Woher die Bedeutung im Sinne von matschig kommt? Was jemand mit dem Wort verbindet? Nun ist die Fragestellung ...
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Late extensions to questions asking about differences between words?

Not too long ago a user asked for the differeces between four similar words. The question was answered three times within two days with relatively good answers, albeit none accepted. A further two ...
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May I ask questions in German? [duplicate]

As I read in the Tour, this site is not only dedicated to translation from or into German, but also to discussing the finer points of the language. Is it okay if German native speakers asks ...
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When should a question be downvoted, when voted to be closed?

I don't understand the difference between downvoting a queston, and vote to close it. Specifically, what causes less damage?
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What language should be preferred for questions?

This is a follow-up to What language should the questions be written in? While the main site should accept both German and English questions, and you should be able to ask in the language you are ...
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Is this question ok? "What are the differences in..."

I just came across this question, and thought that it seemed very open ended and hard to answer "correctly". Is it a good question for this site? If so, why? It is one of the highest voted questions ...
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