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Questions about the real-time, stateful web chat that is a part of every StackExchange site.

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4 answers

How many feeds should be in our main chat?

At present we have a lot of useful feeds of network wide questions to our chat room that may be of interest: Recent Questions - German Language Meta Stack Exchange posted by German Language Meta ...
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7 answers

Do we want to change our chat room’s name?

I’m not active on many Stack Exchange sites, but on the ones I am, the general chat room usually has a creative name: Chemistry uses the Periodic Table Anime and Manga uses the Maid Café Both names ...
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3 answers

Why can't I find the chat room that was created from a comment thread?

Every now and then over-lengthy comment threads increasingly become off-topic to the post or do no longer add value for a specific question. Long comment threads will raise a moderator flag to make ...
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How can we revive our chat?

Sadly participation in our general chat room became low to none. Communicating through chat is vital to a healthy site. Only there we can discuss matters of the site's design or its content. In chat ...
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