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Comments are used to ask for more information or clarify a question or answer.

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Meine Kommentare verschwinden … [duplicate]

Heute ist zweimal von mir ein Kommentar unter einem Posting sang- und klanglos verschwunden. Anstößig oder auch nur inhaltlich unpassend waren beide nicht. Ist das hier so üblich? Wenn es eine ...
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Are comments requesting a Google search welcome?

Occasionally we can see comments similar to this: What did your search engine say? What is still unclear with those search results? These comments may or may not be accompanied with a close vote ...
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Please do not answer a question in a comment

From our help section on the comment privilege: You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; Leave constructive criticism that guides the author ...
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What is a non constructive comment here?

I am very troubled by our comment policy. Let me give some background. I don't violently oppose the new orthography(my iPad even makes me use a lot of it, when I don't take special care) but I don't ...
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Which are the exact criteria to remove comments?

I notice that recently comments are systematically removed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this. I'm also aware that the aim is that no comment is left after the `perfection' of a ...
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Why can't I find the chat room that was created from a comment thread?

Every now and then over-lengthy comment threads increasingly become off-topic to the post or do no longer add value for a specific question. Long comment threads will raise a moderator flag to make ...
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Why is the time frame for editing comments so tight?

More than once it happened to me that I found I could improve my comment or wanted to add something, reopened it at a timestamp of "3 minutes ago", and tried to save the edit only to get notified that ...
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turn answer into comment

This question has a new comment by Alper. As far as I remember this comment has been an answer before. For my own answers I could, from 50 rep onwards, make such a transition myself: delete my answer ...
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Should I explain my downvotes?

On other SE sites members whose answers have received downvotes often ask the downvoters to at least explain their votes. Is it good practice to do so?
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Is there a comment history?

Visiting an old question which came up as related for a new one (Tschau/Tschüß/Servus/Grüß Gott), I found an answer, which I thought I have commented before. But I'm not sure. Since there are ...
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How to deal with 'Is it correct' questions?

Today I encountered this question which asks whether the punctuation of a given sentence is correct. It is correct, however, I have only added a comment since I consider a statement such as "It is ...
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2 answers

Let's delete typo comments when they've been fixed

Comments on small typos in posts are definitely helpful, and when the typos are few enough, it's not possible to suggest a direct edit. After being fixed by the original poster or a moderator, however,...
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