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Ist es in Ordnung, danach zu fragen, welche Mundart ein bestimmter Text ist?

In einer Ausgabe von Grimms Märchen in zwei Bänden vom Insel-Verlag Leipzig von 1919 sind ein paar Märchen in Mundart enthalten. Nun würde ich gern identifizieren, um welche Mundart oder Mundarten es ...
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Is Yiddish on-topic?

As far as I was able to find and understand current policy on dialects, all dialects/derivates of modern German are on-topic but but German Hochdeutsch should be the default (on a best-effort basis, ...
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Are questions about "non German" Swiss German words on topic?

Swiss-German sounds a bit "different" to ears accustomed to most forms of German. But it is usually recognizable because most Swiss German words have equivalents in other forms of German. But Swiss ...
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