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Sprachübergreifende Duplikate in Fragen und Sprachwahl beim Antworten [duplicate]

In What to do with duplicate questions in another language? lese ich, dass offenbar Konsens besteht hinsichtlich der Eigenständigkeit inhaltlich gleicher Fragen, sofern sie in unterschiedlichen ...
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reopen "closed questions" if they get referred as origin for a duplicate?

There was this question: The difference between stellen, abstellen, aufstellen It got closed March 6 of 2019. Because of considering it a dupe to this question: What's the difference between ...
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Das Upvoten unabhängig von Duplikatmarkierung in Betracht ziehen

Ich bin über die Frage jemand anderen, jemanden anderes gestolpert, die (zu Recht) als Duplikat markiert wurde. An sich habe ich die Frage interessant gefunden und sie demzufolge positiv bewertet, ...
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What is wrong with closing a question as a dupe?

Increasingly we hear complaints about closing a question as a dupe to another question. Sometimes much effort is put in editing a question to make it look different but this not always results in an ...
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Is marking as duplicate in a natural language topic a viable solution at all?

In case of a superficial question, which shows little evidence of research or reasons beyond "would have expected b instead", I see these options: Flag it as low quality. Assessment: low effort, no ...
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Should I close a question that has a duplicate in the other language? [duplicate]

When I asked about Kanonische Reihenfolge der Kasus, I didn’t notice that there was a related question in English, Numbering cases. The questions are not the same, but the answers to the older, ...
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For which recurring topics do we want to create canonical answers, if any?

General proposal There are some topics on which we get frequent questions with the following properties: they are sufficiently different not to be duplicates – an answer to one of them does not ...
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What to do with duplicate questions in another language?

This question is content-wise a pretty clear duplicate of this question, however the latter question is asked and answered in German while the second one is asked in English and the asker remarked ...
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If the same question is asked in German and English is it a duplicate?

If two effectively identical questions are asked but one in English and one in German, how do we handle these. Are they two completely different questions? Should one be closed as an exact duplicate?
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