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3 answers

What flag should I use for a nonsense post?

We sometimes see posts that contain just gibberish such as e.g. öööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö|||||||||||||||||######### From the variety of flags we receive it appears that the community is ...
2 votes
3 answers

What is a non constructive comment here?

I am very troubled by our comment policy. Let me give some background. I don't violently oppose the new orthography(my iPad even makes me use a lot of it, when I don't take special care) but I don't ...
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2 answers

I don't have any idea, what to do with this post

It is about the now probably deleted post here. The post essentially advertises a site where cheap native speakers can be hired for training. The first reaction is that it is obvious spam. There is ...
1 vote
2 answers

What is the rationale behind flagging comments on deleted posts?

Recently we had an unfortunate user who was unable to control his temper and wrote a lot of rude and offensive content, mostly in comments. All of these comments were removed, poor posts were deleted,...
2 votes
1 answer

turn answer into comment

This question has a new comment by Alper. As far as I remember this comment has been an answer before. For my own answers I could, from 50 rep onwards, make such a transition myself: delete my answer ...
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1 answer

What posts should be flagged for deletion?

Sometimes I see a post I feel it should not stay. I am unsure what to do in this case. What can I do to salvage the post? When should such a poor post be flagged for deletion?
2 votes
3 answers

Why was my comment flag declined?

I flagged the below-quoted comment by user "Dugg" as rude and offensive. (It was made in the comments below the now-closed Nietzsche commentary translation question.) @EugeneSeidel I'm inclined to ...