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While learning German I wrote a helpful free Chrome extension

I learn German since 30 years - I love it, and, living in Germany, I get everyday something new. My unclosed gap was, as for many other, German gender words (der, die, das). So I wrote a Chrome ...
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Hilfe, ich spreche kein Englisch! (work in progress)

Deutsch: Hier entsteht die deutschsprachige Willkommensseite und Hilfe für unsere Seite (siehe hier). Sobald wir sie für prinzipiell nützlich erachten, wird alles bis zur ersten Linie sowie der ...
5 votes
2 answers

Please contribute to a German help page

Following this proposal, I created a skeleton for a help page in German aimed at users who do speak little or no English. As soon as it is in a state that we consider helpful for somebody, it shall be ...
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Let’s make a German welcome page/FAQ for visitors who speak little or no English

Why? Naturally, our site can be a valuable and attractive resource for visitors who speak English only a little bit or not at all. Be they language learners who did not learn English first or native ...
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