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The meta tag "close reason"

It looks like close-reasons has no tag information. In what respect does it differ from on-topic? Is the latter supposed to be used in general discussions and the former in accessing specific posts?
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Die Sprachvorgabe für Meta ist aufgehoben

Robert Cartaino schrieb gerade auf Meta Latin Language Folgendes (Hervorhebung von mir): We used to say if you want us (the Community Team) to be familiar with your community issues, meta posts ...
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How is the "number of questions per day" calculated in the meta?

I'd love to see this site exit from the beta phase and becoming a real site. I've read in the meta (just now) that there's a number of 3.3 questions per day in it and that a healthy site would require ...
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Please use English on the Meta site [duplicate]

As one of the employees tasked with monitoring the meta sites across the network, I have a small request. While I consider myself an articulate, intelligent human being, I don't speak or understand ...
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Criterions for beta phase

I roughly read all questions here, but one information is still missing for me. What are the criterions for GL&U to leave the beta phase? Is it a special amount of questions or users? Is there a ...
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