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Editing incorrect answer on duplicate

I came across this post today and I'm a bit confused, I'm fairly new on SE in general, the question itself has been marked as a duplicate, but an answer was provided before it was marked which is just ...
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How strict should we be with new contributors, if they answer badly / Wie streng sollten wir mit neuen Mitgliedern bei schlechten Antworten sein?

German version Die gesamte Meta-Anfrage bezieht sich auf folgende Frage, die ich vor einer Weile gestellt habe: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "Frau" und "Gattin"? Dort hat der ...
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Neuer Text für »How to Ask« – Let’s change our “How to Ask”

Hier habe ich vorgeschlagen, dass wir den Text für »How to Ask« auf der Frageseite ändern können, was auf Zustimmung gestoßen ist. Deshalb frage ich nun, wie genau der neue Text aussehen soll. Die ...
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Let’s have some tag warnings to prevent common mistakes by new users

What are tag warnings? Tag warnings are meant to provide users with just-in-time information to help them avoid mistakes that are common for the tag they’re using. Here’s what they look like: To ...
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Please vote on new wordings of our welcome text / description of the target audience

Background One of the first things every unregistered user sees on our site is this¹: or this: This proposal for making this welcome text bilingual has gained considerable support, but is ...
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Should we try to “repair” non-answers that were intended as comments?

The following incident happened in connection with this question: A long-time user wrote a thorough answer, which got upvoted and accepted. However, there was a small error in two of the German ...
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