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Sprachübergreifende Duplikate in Fragen und Sprachwahl beim Antworten [duplicate]

In What to do with duplicate questions in another language? lese ich, dass offenbar Konsens besteht hinsichtlich der Eigenständigkeit inhaltlich gleicher Fragen, sofern sie in unterschiedlichen ...
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How welcoming are we?

This answer from a new contributor was deleted for the reason Does not provide an answer to the question. The question is: Can "hilfreich" be used with people, or only with things? The answer ...
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Is an answer that points out an error in another answer and says how to fix it a valid answer on its own?

We currently have a long and vivid discussion about a newbie answer that said it was written as an answer for lack of reputation to write a comment pointed out two minor errors in another answer to ...
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Should we try to “repair” non-answers that were intended as comments?

The following incident happened in connection with this question: A long-time user wrote a thorough answer, which got upvoted and accepted. However, there was a small error in two of the German ...
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When is an answer not an answer?

If you are wondering, why this question exists: Four of us had a long and inconclusive discussion about this in chat and taking this to Meta seems the next best thing to do for me. The central ...
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