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When do we consider listening-comprehension question to be off topic?

We have a tag listening-comprehension. The last question with that tag gathered some close votes, one with the comment: I'm voting to close this question because I do not think that listening ...
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Why is asking for the right google translation considered a good question?

The question How to say I'm going out to buy myself something received 3 upvotes (Effective 23/03). While OP has at least provided google translation effort, OP has not clarified what he thinks is ...
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Can We Build a Compilation of Common Small Talk Questions?

I'm looking to compile as big as list as possible of common small talk questions / answers that might be asked when conversing with a native German speaking individual. German will be my 4th language ...
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Was machen wir mit einem Benutzer, der uns mit schlechten Fragen bombardiert?

Zurzeit bombardiert ein Nutzer German Language SE mit einer schlecht gestellten und nahezu nicht recherchierten Frage nach der anderen. Beinahe jeder seiner Fragen wird erst mal von irgendjemandem ...
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What do we want to do with questions that mix languages?

This question was asked sometime between today and yesterday. The first sentence is in English, the remainder is in German. (It looks a little bit like what I text friends if I’m learning their ...
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How to deal with abbreviation explanation requests?

We recently had this question from a new user asking for the explanation of an abbreviation. It sparked a long comment discussion about whether it should be closed or not, and whether it is worth to ...
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Are we too slow in closing questions?

Today I saw following question: The complete question was: For example, I recently wrote: "Der ...
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How to handle typos that are significant in respect to why the question came up?

There's recently being a question on our main site which was excessively edited back and forth. The issue was an obvious typo: "now a days" instead of "nowadays". While I approve editing typos, I ...
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