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Why is asking for the right google translation considered a good question?

The question How to say I'm going out to buy myself something received 3 upvotes (Effective 23/03). While OP has at least provided google translation effort, OP has not clarified what he thinks is ...
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Off-topic or not?

Well, I didn't expect my very first question ever on this site to hit the Hot Network questions and in the meantime, I know that the concept of an unspeakable term is foreign to German culture and ...
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Ist die Frage zum Usus einer bestimmten Schriftart On-Topic?

Diese Frage Why was Fraktur abolished in Germany? scheint mir nicht wirklich nach einem sprachspezifischen Problem zu fragen, sondern lediglich zum Gebrauch einer bestimmten Schriftart. Warum die "...
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Would it be appropriate to delete my question and answer, and then reask the question?

Five days ago I have completed my little research on the size of one's vocabulary necessary to read German newspapers. I wanted to share it with the community using the Stackechange functionality of "...
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Clarification on edit rejection

I'm curious as to the rejection reason for this edit. The reviewer subsequently made almost the same edit himself with the exception of the change to the title, which IMO was the critical part of the ...
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Are we too slow in closing questions?

Today I saw following question: The complete question was: For example, I recently wrote: "Der ...
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How to deal with "Google Translate says ... but it doesn't make sense."?

I can understand the use of automatic translators to some extent. But, for instance, take a look at this question – whose original form stated the following "I knew that da was meaning there, but ...
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Are the TTS and speech recognition list questions welcome?

I think that these two questions could be interesting and useful lists: Name current software/online services for HIGH-QUALITY speech recognition in German Name current software/online services for ...
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