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Questions about the spelling used in posts and similar. This includes questions on how to handle wrong spelling.

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If the German spelling rules are changed, will we adapt old posts?

In another wording: Do we have to apply every single rule that the Rat für Rechtschreibung (the de facto German authority on spelling) conceives to all posts, even past ones? Most importantly, if ...
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Do we really have to be extremely critical about spelling?

Many times on this forum I see questions edited, e.g. just because one single letter gets corrected from a little to a capital letter. Almost all across the internet nobody really cares about spelling,...
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Genderpolitics and written expressions outside the language standard

We recently had an answer to a question, where a written expression was gendered in a form, which is not part of the official language. Shall we tolerate such officially wrong spellings, which would ...
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When editing a post, may or even should we change pre-reform spelling to post-reform spelling?

In principle, people may spell as they like; however, the final revision of the German spelling reform (2006) is arguably the generally preferred orthography. For example, the German-language news ...
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Should we make edits to titles simply to make letters lowercase?

Recently, I asked a question about the difference between the German verbs senden, schicken, and verschicken. I titled my question thusly: Senden, Shicken, and Verschicken A user decided (and this ...
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Spelling mistakes in questions

Dieser Beitrag handelt vom allgemeinen Umgang unsererseits mit Schreibfehlern in Fragen, nicht von einem speziellen, historischen Fall, der nur als Beispiel diente. Bitte respektiert das Thema der ...
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Which spelling standard(s) to use? Alte oder neue Rechtschreibung?

Should we have an official spelling variant? i.e. should we declare one form of spelling "incorrect" and subject to editing? I'm in favour of not enforcing a standard for text, but we will definitely ...
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Editing orthographic errors

To what detail level should orthographic errors be edited? Obviously, one would edit, if the error occurs in the actual answer. (What is the German word for house? Answer: Hous.) But right now, I ...
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