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Unilateral question deletion instead of edit

Agree with all the statements about racist expressions. And appreciate the expression was marked as such by the OP. But this is GSE and not "Clean speech 101". When racist expressions are ...
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Was für Details? (Der Streusel-Snack)

Wenn ich das richtig sehe, hat niemand deine Frage, dass Schnecke und Snack miteinander verwandt sein könnten, ernst genommen. Diese Frage wird allerdings auch verdunkelt dadurch, dass du sie daran ...
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What is a non constructive comment here?

99 % of my comment flags are obsolete or include a custom message to the mods to tell them why certain comments are obsolete (after a mod once told me that obsolete comments are the hardest to judge). ...
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Which are the exact criteria to remove comments?

There are some not-so-well-documented (unless I did not find the page on meta.stackexchange.com) criteria for the auto-removal of comments. The most general one seems to be: if the threshold of flags ...
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