Alain Pannetier

Born a Frenchman, addicted to the BBC (wherever I live bloom satellite dishes), I have spent several years in the UK (specifically Richmond (I said "UK" )) as well as in Italy (Naples (I said "Italy")). Currently based in Dubai (UAE).

An electronic Engineer by formation and an IT/Telecom professional by occupation, I've had the opportunity to work in many countries (Saudi Arabia, China mainland and Taiwan, Romania, Spain, Ghana, the Netherlands, Brasil, United States, Panama, Dominican Rep., Tunisia, Turkey, Syria and a few others).

Raised by a German au pair at 5, having done my military duty in Germany, I've always been fascinated by languages in general and etymology in particular and my occupation has provided me with several opportunities to indulge in this hobby. I started to learn several languages and still can understand a few of them: including English, Italian and Spanish. The latter allowing me to communicate with my son (see avatar), my wife and my in-laws.

Other accounts I have in the stackexchange family include stackoverflow and programmers.

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so using my email/chat account which is alain dot pannetier at gmail dot com.