Native language: English (American)

German language history: After a few weak attempts at learning German over the years, I finally decided to get more serious and started taking the Duolingo German course in Spring 2020. This was ultimately somewhat disappointing because Duo restructured their curriculum while I was about half-way through. The result was I found myself repeating a lot material that I had already covered. By that time I felt I was able continue on my own, so I left Duo behind and am now following my own self-styled study program, a big part of which is this site.

Favorite resources:
Dictionaries -- English and German Wiktionary, DWDS. Redensarten-Index, dict.cc for idioms.
Grammar -- Bruce Duncan "A review of German Grammar", LEO, Grammis Translations -- Google Translate, DeepL Other -- DW (of course), Stardew Valley (language setting on German), Netflix, YouTube,

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