Full-time software developer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I code both for living and for fun. For living I currently code mostly Java + web technologies (ECMAscript, Angular2 and so on). For fun I like more the bare iron (would love to make a living in microprograming, for example).

I like sports (doing, not watching; hate watching any kind of sport, except perhaps those that are more like an art form: gymnastics, figure skating and so on).

I love linguistics and archeology. They are even better together, when archeologic evidence gives support to linguistic theories, and linguistics theories solve archeologic misteries. (I love history too, though not as much as archeology).

My love for linguistics pushes me to learning languages. I've learned German for 9 years (and back then I could speak fluently...nowadays my German is rusty, but I think I could pick it up again quickly). Now I'm trying to learn Russian and Polish. The next languages stack is high: Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, Hebraic, Arab languages...

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