Just saw this site is 100 days in BETA


Maybe a good opportunity to gather some subjective ideas, improvements, critics to consider in future site development/growth and moderation/editing of Q/A? Just a bit brainstorming :)


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one thing i noticed on my last question is that question-edit-duplicate-preview doesnt obviously show german duplicates if you ask a english question. I think this is a bit suboptimal and should be improved. Also because of search results on google. On japanese language questions seem to be mainly written in english.

I think we should also attract native-germans not fluently speaking english, but maybe there is a option to give a german question title in META-information of html-code or as smaller written subtext below the english question title? Im no expert here! Just an idea...

  • If you think so - maybe you should translate this statement into German. ;) -- Wenn Du das meinst, übersetze Deinen Beitrag doch ins Deutsche. ;) Commented Jan 30, 2012 at 3:47

Visiting japanese language


im a bit surprised that they seem to have more questions&visits/day despite lower user number? Im not very experienced with AREA51 and exact definition of this quantities. But do they have a higher community dynamics? Maybe not significant, but looks a bit weird to me comparing the numbers...

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