I think that these two questions could be interesting and useful lists:

The criteria are fairly well-defined ("high-quality speech recognition" and "high-quality TTS"). At least, they could be edited to good questions. I don't find them very different from other lists like "German learning apps for Google Android" and "Classic childrens books that are unknown outside of DE/A/CH ?"

Should they be re-opened?


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As questioner i still like to hear an answer and thought esp. on SE with all the developers someone actually can give some insight what software offers high-quality algorithms. I see @RegDwight point he linked towards and afaik he mainly closed it because no one gave an answer, but i miss a bit the sure instinct, esp. as most have upvoted the speech recognition question and then it gets closed by a single mod. Why not at least make it a community wiki then?

On most sites you start a bad subjective answer trend (Apple or Mac), agreed, but thats really not the danger here and i asked more for what software has the highest quality, its not really the same as apple or mac. You will find enough not closed highly upvoted questions on SE concerning *what editor is the best (auto-complete, debugging...) for a special programming language, this is objectively answerable. We have maybe a dozen questions here concerning software translation services & co. So i dont see how this can ruin the quality.

Imho reopen them as cw when the site has more users and will probably get some answers. I believe the question would yield some pretty good answers concerning quality of algorithms on EL&U, but im not inclined to ask the same there, as RegDwight is mod there :) and im interested in German speech recognition.

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