In this answer the author used the following syntax to link to external pages:

Most commonly are the rules from [Duden][1] or from ["Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung"][2]  quoted.

  [1]: http://www.duden.de/sprachwissen/rechtschreibregeln
  [2]: http://rechtschreibrat.ids-mannheim.de/download/regeln2006.pdf

The links are displayed as HTML/URL instead of being clickable.

Most commonly are the rules from http://www.duden.de/sprachwissen/rechtschreibregeln">Duden or from http://rechtschreibrat.ids-mannheim.de/download/regeln2006.pdf">"Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung"  quoted.

However, when editing this answer, it's correctly displayed in the preview.

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See Markdown links and images are producing incorrect HTML on Meta Stack Overflow. This bug was fixed; I have made a no-op edit to the answer to force re-rendering it correctly.

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