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How should "need more focus" questions adressing multiple problems be resolved?

Recently, there have been two new questions addressing multiple problems: Are there short diphtongs in German? When is the sound altered? [closed] “Hinwillst” or “willst hin” in a subclause? And why ...
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reopen "closed questions" if they get referred as origin for a duplicate?

There was this question: The difference between stellen, abstellen, aufstellen It got closed March 6 of 2019. Because of considering it a dupe to this question: What's the difference between ...
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Off-topic or not?

Well, I didn't expect my very first question ever on this site to hit the Hot Network questions and in the meantime, I know that the concept of an unspeakable term is foreign to German culture and ...
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Sind Fragen nach Datenbanken und anderen Tools on-topic? Bedarf es einer Klarstellung?

Kürzlich wurde eine Frage als off-topic geschlossen, die auf spezifisch linguistische Datenbanken ausgerichtet war (Nomen mit Artikeln, verschiedene Sprachen). Nur einer der Abstimmenden hatte dies in ...
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When are questions on culture-dependent non-verbal communication on-topic?

We have at least two questions dealing with non-verbal communication that may be specific to German-speaking countries or regions: Do Germans count on fingers starting from the thumb? – No close vote ...
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