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Why is asking for the right google translation considered a good question?

The question How to say I'm going out to buy myself something received 3 upvotes (Effective 23/03). While OP has at least provided google translation effort, OP has not clarified what he thinks is ...
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Why should somebody consult an online translation service before asking here?

Community recently downvoted and closed this question as off topic: How do you say "He was looking for you" in German? The given canned close reason "requests for proofreading, spell ...
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Sollten wir Fragen zur Übersetzung von sinnlosen Begriffen / Sätzen in der Ausgangssprache beantworten?

Heute bin ich über diese Frage "gestolpert": Difference Between “Keine Ahnung” and “Ich Weiß nicht”? Der Fragesteller hat die eigentliche Fragestellung bereits in der Frage korrekt beantwortet (alle ...
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Please do not answer proof-reading or translation requests

We agreed to not accept translation requests or proof-readings of individual texts. If we were not asked for help on a single answerable issue all those question will correctly be closed as off topic, ...
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Is asking to translate a short paragraph from English to German on topic here?

I want to see if I'm allowed to ask such a question in the main site? Would you please translate the following paragraphs into German? a proposal for creating a remote sensing and ...
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Does my translation request belong here and if not, where and how shall I ask it?

Translation requests¹ are on-topic, but on the other hand some translation requests¹ got closed for belonging on English Language & Usage or English Language Learners. When does a translation ...
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Is it permitted to ask for a translation of Blackletter (Gothic script)?

My German is very limited and I have almost no experience with deciphering Blackletter (Gothic script) text. Would it be permissible to post a picture of a passage of Blackletter German text and ask ...
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Translation questions from any language to German

On the Area 51 page about German.stackexchenge you can read this: German Language Beta Q&A site for students having questions about German, expert speakers of German wanting to discuss the ...
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Off Topic - Prior research, why only translation requests?

Just by looking at this question one can see, that a great part of it can be answered by a small google search and some intensive thinking. Is there an etymological connection between these two ...
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Is it welcome to answer a simple translation request? is a good example of a question not wanted, but often asked on this site. As Takkart stated this site is not a "translation ...
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When is a translation request to German off-topic?

According to our faq we do welcome translation requests from any language to German. However there was some debate on when such a request may be too trivial. Are translation requests from German ...
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How Long A Passage Is Acceptable For a Translation Question?

As a learning exercise, I wrote out my own German translation to a (12 line) American song (and have benefited by all the corrections to my version). I was under the impression that this site did ...
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Are translation requests from German allowed? / Sind Fragen nach Übersetzungen aus dem Deutschen erlaubt?

According to the FAQ, translation requests to German are on topic. No source language is specified there. But what about from German, especially from German to English. Questions such as this are ...
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