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Is it on purpose I can flag unfitting questions only for migration to German.Meta.SE, but no other .SE site?

Some questions are no good fit for German.SE and rather belong on another Stack Exchange site. When I want to flag it accordingly, I only get the option to flag it for migration to German.Meta.SE, but ...
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Only three close votes instead of five?

I see that there are currently very poor questions by many new users who are not responsive to comments and downvotes by few experienced community members. This imbalance leads, in my view, to a ...
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Können wir Fragen offen lassen, wenn ein Wörterbuch auch nicht helfen würde?

Ich finde jeden Tag Fragen mit Close-Votes, in denen nach dem Bedeutungsnterschied zwischen zwei Wörtern mit ähnlicher Bedeutung gefragt wird, etwa diese Frage. Die Close-Reason ist: This site is ...
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Are questions really that poor and what do we do about it?

From today's newest questions page 12 of 15 questions that is 80% had issues with at least one close vote or even closure. translation of indirect speech in english How would I ask for superking(...
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On closing questions and questions per day // Über Fragenschließen und Fragen pro Tag

A friendly reminder that closing questions does not count against the question per day count A few days or weeks ago I received a comment that we should be less zealous about closing questions if we ...
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algorithm for close-votings needs to be revised

When ever someone thinks that a question should be closed, he/she clicks on »close« and starts the close-voting-process for this question. Then everybody who has enough privileges can enter the ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Are questions on the origin of (German) surnames on-topic?

Every once in a while, I encounter a question in the close queue that asks for the origin of a surname and which has been voted to close […] as off-topic because it should be asked on genealogy....
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Are we closing too many questions?

Recently we have quite an increase in questions coming in. I believe this is a good thing, as only many questions will produce good answers and this will lead to good content on the site. With the ...
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How to handle questions that are based on an acoustical misunderstanding?

Recently we had two questions where the askers had heard some strange German words or phrases and wanted to know their meaning. In both cases it turned out that the other person had said something ...
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Refining community moderation on closing question

From recent community activities we can see that we now have a good and active user base doing a lot of community moderation quite well. This is good for the site. But recently some highly voted ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Are we too slow in closing questions?

Today I saw following question: The complete question was: For example, I recently wrote: "Der ...
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When should a question be downvoted, when voted to be closed?

I don't understand the difference between downvoting a queston, and vote to close it. Specifically, what causes less damage?
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Premature closing of questions

It is my impression that across the Stack Exchange ecosystem, moderators are exercising greater restraint in closing questions. Remember, moderators cannot "vote to close", once they click on "close" ...
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